Keeping Kids Busy: A Lesson in Sprouting.

So, this week has brought more than I bargained for, COVID-19. We’re all social isolating, a word I had never heard until a little over one week ago. A concept I would never sign up for, and now its all I do. I’m a social gal, as are my children. When the news of COVID broke, I immediately stomped on my Business hat, cancelled all face to face appointments and fell right back into that role of “Susie Homemaker”. All I want to do is take care of my family, ensure their health and wellness. Cookies, muffins, brownies, roasted chickens and soups are one thing, but the prospect of educating my own children is something I would never take on. Social isolation means parents need to step into the role of not only Susie Homemaker, but also Susie Educator. Local schools have all been closed indefinitely. Luckily, its Spring Break and I have two weeks to wrap my head around this concept. Also, thank goodness we live in the time period that we do, as teachers will be online supporting our children and our efforts. Though my children are not currently in school, I have opted to begin some quick, easy and daily lessons. Last week, we started sprouting. I love sprouts! I eat them a lot! I chuck them into soups, I eat them on eggs, on burgers, sandwiches or with rice, quinoa and in salads. Normally, I sprout on my own, unbeknownst to my family. They just show up one day as an optional topping…an option they often choose not to take.

Why Sprouts? The answer to that question is simple. Sprouts are deeply nutritious, and sprouting is an easy activity that the entire family can enjoy. It couldn’t be more simple to sprout and you require minimal supplies. I use a mason jar and a sprouting lid. All of which can be ordered on Amazon. However, you can even sprout on damp paper towels kept in a plastic zipper bag. Your sprouted seeds can be planted immediately in soil, to grow into vegetables or enjoyed as micro greens. Sprouts are just simply, germinated seeds. They have increased levels of nutrients that you would typically find in the plants that you are sprouting, like Vitamin C, folate and magnesium. They are very high in fibre, and also contain proteolytic enzymes, which help you digest your food. To start sprouting at home, make sure you purchase an organic seed. An organic seed comes from a healthier soil and will as a result, contain higher levels of nutrition. We are, however, soaking and rinsing the seeds, most chemicals will be removed during that process.

Mason Jar Instructions:

  • Sprouts need to be soaked for at least 4 hours but can be soaked overnight in filtered water.
  • After soaking, you drain the water from the mason jar, and rinse with filtered water.
  • Your sprouts will grow best when you invert your mason jar to promote drainage.
  • Sprouts are seeds, they’re going to enjoy some sunshine!
  • You need to rinse your seeds twice per day and leave inverted inside the jar, for up to five days.
  • To rinse your seeds, simply swirl the seeds in filtered water, drain and invert.

We started sprouting on Wednesday of last week. By Friday, they looked like this:

Saturday we rinsed our Sprouts Twice, the same way we had the two previous days and by Sunday, they looked like this:

I rinsed twice on Sunday, and by Monday morning, I was able to rinse and enjoy on top of my eggs:

Sprouts are such “Power Houses,” as they are in a growth phase, when you consume them, you are consuming actual live food. The nutrients in sprouts will support your entire system, as well as your digestive health. Plus, they’re lots of fun to grow! The only issue with sprouts is that occasionally people can develop food poisoning, when they are not properly cared for or consumed fresh. To reduce the chance of this occurring, always rinse sprouts before you consume them, you can lightly steam them to kill bacteria; but always give them a good sniff, check their colour, if they look off, at all, do not consume them. Related to the risk of food poisoning, sprouts are not typically recommended for pregnant or nursing woman, or for very young children.

I hope you all enjoyed my first Home Schooling session. I know my kids certainly did! I still haven’t had any success in getting my teenagers to enjoy the sprouts they germinated, but I sure love them! Stay well and stay warm my friends!

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