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I have been blessed with an optimistic outlook. Sometimes I question my blessing, but over the years I have come to accept it as a true gift. The idea that the way I look at the world; that I approach each day with a fresh and new perspective is a gift, at first, this concept seemed odd to me. After all, its how I am hard-wired. Not being a hard-wired optimist, however, doesn’t mean that you can’t learn how to become one. Learning optimism and sharing positivity are topics that I would like to highlight in my Blog articles. I refer to these topics as part of my Bliss.ed, as in, Bliss Education. Lightening our perspective and sharing kindness and positivity will add depth and excitement to our lives. My Blogs are intended to be a conversation, a conversation between you and I. These are the lessons I have learned, and these are the steps that I take to keep me grounded in my Happiest Self. I am by no means an expert, but I am living proof that by choosing another path you can add layers of joy to your life. That by simply being kind to strangers, to friends, and to the people you pass in the street will heighten your vibration. The love you receive will build you up. Most importantly, the love you will offer yourself, related to the positivity you release into the world and the many interactions that make you smile during your day will increase your self worth and self respect. When we truly love ourselves, we offer contagious joy to those around us. We will be grounded and rooted in happiness. When we offer kindness to the world, we go to sleep at night without regret, and we find it even easier to love ourselves.

In my Blog Posts you will find articles about joy, excitement, self love and acceptance. You will also find Healthy Recipes that feature nutrients that will support your best self! Welcome! Join the Lemonade Movement! Let’s make something great together!

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