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    Meal Prep Series: Meatball Mania

    I love a meatball…so much. So does my entire family. The whole family seriously jumps for joy when I make meatballs for dinner. I rarely have time to make a meatball dinner on a Tuesday before soccer practice. I do,…

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    Simple Summer Chicken Pasta

    Maybe it’s just me but Summertime makes me crave simple ingredients and lots of veggies! Grocery stores and markets are absolutely stocked with delicious, fresh fruits and vegetables at this time of the year. Summer also makes me feel like…

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    Kids Cooking Series: Belgian Waffles

    Sometimes the world goes crazy and you get trapped in house social isolating, no school, no hang outs, no schedule. We’ve been left with so many questions as parents related to a world pandemic, COVID-19. We’ve also been forced into…

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    Meatless Monday: Kid Style

    Butternut Squash Mac N’ Cheese Let me preface this article with the fact that I only use White Cheddar…white cheddar, you say? Why, that Mac N’ Cheese is Orange…well, yes it is!! I refuse to purchase cheese that has been…

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    The Art/Rules of Making Soup

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I make soup like a “Little Ol’ Nova Scotian Grandma.” I’m really more of a “Rule Follower,” than a “Recipe Follower.” Total Aside, I secretly love following the Rules, although I…

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    Pumpkin Coconut Curry Soup

    Adventures in Hallowe’en! This year I was slammed once again, by the preparations for Hallowe’en, with two aging kids, I have less help with decor and no one wants to stick their hand inside a squishy pumpkin. Needless to say,…