About Bliss.ed Life Nutrition

The world needs to be a better place for us and for our children. Chase and express positivity and kindness. Make a difference everyday. Build one another up. These are the ideas that inspired me to start Bliss.ed Life.

It was an act of desperation, inviting my children into my kitchen. I was a desperate Mom, going through a health scare with two young and picky children. The kitchen inspired them and brought us together. We were enjoying quality time with one another, while learning about food and nutrients. We were building confidence, experiencing successes and developing an interest in food, all the while becoming less picky.

The excitement of bonding in the kitchen and the improvement in the quality of our health as a family, inspired my passion for nutrition. My love of working with kids and and my desire to make the world a better and more positive place is what inspired me to start Bliss.ed Life.

Bliss.ed Life connects with kids around concepts like kindness, confidence and self esteem, while learning about nutrition, communication, and health and wellness. We teach kids how their bodies work and how they should treat and respect their bodies. Bliss.ed Life empowers children to practice kindness towards themselves and others and encourages them to make decisions that will support their health. We help to build stronger, kinder and more confident kids.

My daughter, absolutely crushing a lobster.