Welcome! Join the Movement, and become a Lemonade Maker! We constantly make choices in life about how we respond to the exciting, the challenging and the mundane. I believe that when we make positive choices around our food, our friendships and our perspective we can impact our lives in a positive manner. I encourage you to make Healthy Choices and watch the Universe unfold!

Go ahead! Make Lemonade, really delicious, fantastic tasting Lemonade! Choose special, healthy, local ingredients, support your farmers, support the environment and support your body with nutrients as deeply rich and as complex as You! “Making Lemonade” is about taking all that life has to offer, good or bad, bitter or sour and make something wonderful. Live a Bliss.ed Life. Do it for Yourself because You Deserve it! Find Recipes, Tips, Tricks and Practical Advice within the context of this site! If you’d like to work individually with me, please reach out!