My Offerings

One on One Consultations

One on One Consultations are an opportunity for you and I to sit down together, and create goals to begin working toward your Optimal Health. If you are struggling with your weight, joint pain, fatigue, or your mental health, then it may be time for us to connect. Nutrition deeply impacts how we feel, how we function, and having some support along the journey can lead to great success. I am certified in Holistic Nutrition. I use a science based approach and take into consideration you, as a biochemically unique individual, as I help to support your dreams and goals. Listed below are all of my Offerings:

Optimal Health Package $300

The Optimal Health Package includes an Initial Assessment, a Personal Meal Plan or Cookbook, a Market Tour, or an online Cooking Class, plus email access to me during a four week period. This is an opportunity for you to form habits that support your lifestyle, to learn about your body and receive support, as you start your journey toward the best version of yourself.

The Optimal Health Package includes a holistic approach that takes into consideration your unique body biochemistry, lifestyle and personal needs to set a nutrition goal that will support the Body, Mind and Spirit. You will receive a detailed report within one week of your initial appointment that includes food, lifestyle and supplement recommendations. We will develop an individual and fully customizable plan to support your goals. You will receive food journaling and planning tools to support your journey as well as recipes and education sessions, as you directly work with me to improve your perspective on stress, promote hormone balance and meet your Health goals.

Follow Up Appointment $100

This service provides Bliss.ed Life Clients with an opportunity to reconnect with me, to get back on track, to set new goals and to celebrate successes. The intention of this appointment will be set by your personal needs and goals. This is an hour long appointment, during which time we will create a plan as you continue on your journey toward Optimal Health. You will receive a report within one week of attending this appointment, containing any new goals, food and supplement recommendations and two weeks of email support.

Reset and Reintroduction Program $85

This program is designed to give your system a boost and determine troubling foods for your body. Discovering which foods best support your Health is key to becoming your best self. This is a twenty day plan that promotes well-being and in most cases, weight loss and increased energy levels. We will fill your life with nutrient dense and delicious recipes. You will have the ability to work directly with me and receive documentation to support your goals. You will receive weekly meal plans and recipes, intended to clean up your system and discover which foods work best to fuel your body. Some customization is available with this program.

Fifteen Minute Phone Consultation – Free

Interested in Nutrition Help, but unsure if Holistic Nutrition is the right fit? Complete the Contact Form with your email and we’ll set up phone Consultation prior to your purchasing a package. In a Free Fifteen Minute phone call, during which time we can determine if you and I will work well together, and assess whether or not I can assist you with your goals.

The Bliss.ed Life Learning Series:

$25 Drop in or 5 sessions for $100

Join me for some Bliss Education! I offer regularly scheduled events throughout the year on a variety of wellness topics. These lively sessions will focus around a theme as it relates to Nutrition. During these sessions, you will have the opportunity to make connections with others, ask questions and participate in conversations with like-minded individuals. Let’s take the time to grow together! Pay attention to my Calendar, I update it regularly with Upcoming Sessions.

Cook with Me, Virtually!

Meals with Mel Cooking Series:

$15 or purchase a 5 pack of sessions for $50

Join my cooking community! I regularly prepare recipes with my valued clients. Pay attention to my Instagram and Facebook accounts for upcoming cooking events. Participants in these events receive a batch of carefully planned recipes and a Zoom link. We then connect our kitchens on an agreed upon time and date and prepare a meal together! As a nutrition professional, I will provide you with great information on how to prepare the foods we’re making, but I will also provide you with insider secrets on how to add more nutrient dense foods to our lives.

Customized Cooking Sessions $75

Is there something you’re desperate to learn how to cook, so you have a health concern that you would like to support with guided nutrition, or would you just enjoy a fun get together with family or friends? Why not set up your own customized cooking session? Reach out to me and I’d be happy to arrange a tailor-made session just for you!

Grocery and or Market Tours $35

Let’s spend some time together, getting to know each other and getting to know our local farmers and businesses. I’d love for you to learn about the benefits of shopping locally, and make some really great connections. These tours will help you to learn how to take the chore out of your shopping, while improving your health, the health of your family and the health of your kitchen cupboards. When we fill our cupboards with healthy and nutritious foods that we are excited to eat, there is no stopping us on our journey toward Optimal Health!