Simple Summer Chicken Pasta

Maybe it’s just me but Summertime makes me crave simple ingredients and lots of veggies! Grocery stores and markets are absolutely stocked with delicious, fresh fruits and vegetables at this time of the year. Summer also makes me feel like spending less time in the kitchen, so my recipes must be quick!  

This is a quick pasta that I often make and serve with a salad. You can use virtually any vegetables you find in your fridge, carrots are always a nice addition; not featured in this recipe, as I didn’t have them on hand.  My staple ingredients for this pasta are mushrooms, zucchini, shallots, garlic, parsley or any other fresh herb, along with parmesan cheese and tomatoes. Sun dried tomatoes are featured in this particular version but honestly, whatever you have in your fridge will do!  If you’d like to whip up your own sun dried tomatoes, follow this link:
I always start “kid friendly pastas” with a mix of shallots and garlic, in butter and olive oil. Shallots have a more subtle taste than onions, my kids are particularly accepting of them. I then I add mushrooms and meat, in this case, chicken thighs. 

Once my flavours blend and my chicken cooks, I begin to add additional ingredients. In a separate pot, I boil gluten free noodles in salted water. The starchy, salted water will help to stretch our  sauce, two ladles-full of salty water should be plenty, set it aside or add directly into your sauce. If you’d rather skip the starch, bone broth or chicken broth work just as well in place of the salted water and add extra nutrients. Though the sauce doesn’t stick quite the same way to your noodles! 

Zucchini doesn’t need to cook for very long, so quickly mix it into the pot and after you add the rest of your ingredients.  This should be completed after the shallots, garlic, mushrooms and chicken are completely cooked. If you’re adding carrots, be sure to add them along with your mushrooms, garlic and shallots. Adding any vegetables that cook quickly toward the end of your cooking time ensures that your pasta will be filled textured vegetables, which adds interest and palatability to your dish. It also maintains the nutrients in the vegetables which can be broken down by overcooking. Lastly, add your cheese, fresh herbs and tomatoes, sun dried or otherwise and give your pasta a stir!

I always rinse gluten free noodles, to ensure they don’t break down. I then add them directly to my veggie sauté and sauce. Before serving, I finish with some high quality olive oil on the stove top. After a crack of fresh pepper, I love to serve this meal “family style” at the table from a large serving bowl or straight from the pot!

Simple, quick, delicious! That’s my kind of fast food!

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to comment below if you have any questions or you have successfully tried this recipe!!

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